All of the products supplied by us are manufactured within the stringent engineering guidelines. They are ALL approved by the Clean Energy Council ensuring that all products meet certified Australian Standards and are backed by New Sky Energy Solutions manufacturers warranties.


Solar and Battery Growatt.png

6.6kw Growatt Package
from $999.00 

Solar and Battery Goodwe Res.png

6.6kw Goodwe Package
from $999.00

 18 x 370W panels = 6.6kw

Jinko Tiger Black frame solar panles

18 x 370W panels = 6.6kw

Jinko Tiger black frame solar panels

Growatt 5kw inverter

(free monitoring)

Goodwe 5 kw inverter upgrade

2020 Award winning inverter

Award attached

Tier 1 Solar Module with higher efficiency.

25 year panel performance warranty

25 year panel

performance warranty

Solar and Battery Fronius.png

6.6kw Fronius Package 
from $2749.00


18 x 370W panels = 6.6kw 

Trina black frame solar panels

Fronius 5 kw inverter upgrade

Austrian made inverter + High Efficiency Solar Module

25 year panel performance warranty

* These prices are based on the following:

  • Valid for single-story tin or tile roof

  • Double story installation in an additional $500

  • ZONE 3 S.T.C discount applied to the price above

  • Solar Victoria rebate and interest-free loan eligibility criteria applies

  • Prices include GST.

  • These prices are only while rebates last.

Solar and Battery.png

Battery Storage and Back Up

Get a custom quote using our premium partner brand, Redback. 

Frequently asked questions

Is Jinko Tiger a good panel?

Yes, Jinko modules comprise of two separated and identical solar cell arrays. When a module is shaded, only one side shaded array's current will be impacted, while the other array will still be functionally producing power. These panels are also cost effective.

Is Growatt a good inverter?

Yes! The company Growatt ranks among the top PV brands in Australia according to the results of a survey carried out by EuPD Research among installers on brand awareness, customers’ choice and distribution. Awarded Top Brand PV Australia 2020.

Are these products made in Australia?

As many of us already know manufactuing of Solar panels and Inverters around the world has been largley taken over by the Chinese and South korean market. Although Fronius inverters are manufactured in Austria. Other items, such as roof mounting kits, cable and conduit are made in Australia. We try to use these products to help support our local community.

Can I connect a battery to any of these systems listed?

No. In order to connect a battery storage system you will need a Hybrid inverter or an all in one system installed. We can provide you with a quote for either Red Back or Growatt battery storage or battery ready system upon your request.